Casa Dei Bambini , Classroom Assistant, Intern, After Care

Monday, October 22, 2018 1:09 PM | Anonymous

BRAND NEW MONTESSORI SCHOOL OPENED IN JANUARY 2018 seeking qualified professionals to join our school family.

At Casa Dei Bambini Montessori School, each child will be encouraged to reach their fullest potential. Children learn at their own pace by applying the techniques used by Maria Montessori’s methods and philosophies. We believe that in order to raise a child who becomes a successful member of the society, he/she needs a strong foundation from early childhood years. This strong communication and growth is the key to sustain a supportive connection between families and communities. Our school features 23 classrooms from toddlers through Primary, and will eventually serve up through 6th grade. Please visit our website at  for more information.



1. Physically able to assure children’s safety and to provide for children’s education, including but not limited to visually and auditory observing children in classroom, on playground and in porte-cochere to avoid dangerous situations and ability to remove children physically from dangerous situations.

2. High school degree.

3. College degree (preferred) or some college background helpful.

4. Successful completion of an approved Montessori Teacher training program or current enrollment (Intern) or pre-service training in child development.

5. Previous Montessori experience beneficial, but not mandatory.


1. Guarding safety of children daily and in cases of emergency.

2. Recognizing that a team relationship exists in the classroom consisting of the Directress and Assistants, each holding a place of respect and equality.

3. Participate in weekly planning session with the team.

4. Setting up, maintaining, and restoring class materials each day under the guidance of the Directress and in conjunction with the team members.

5. Coordinating training program lessons and requirements with the classroom Directress (for interns only). Maintaining open communication between all team members and administration as to those needs.

6. Accepting responsibility for a wider range of classroom tasks and Montessori lessons with the children under the direction of the lead teacher.

7. Conducting cleanup during and after class as a team member and as necessary to maintain the prepared environment.

8. Arranging classroom furniture and equipment as a team member.

9. Assisting Directress in teaching and guidance of the children as a

team member.

10. Supervising children in the classroom in such a way as to promote the normalization of the classroom.

11. Attending to the children’s needs as a team member, including, but not limited to being attentive to their questions at child’s level, providing positive role modeling in the lessons of grace and courtesy, and speaking to children, parents, and staff members in a warm and positive manner.

12. Attending and participating in monthly staff meetings and training sessions.

13. Planning, attending, and participating in special activities including, but not limited to:

* Staff Meetings * Training Sessions * End of school work day

* Beginning school week * Father’s Night * Discovery Day

* Back to school event * Mother’s Night * Any school event for

* Fall Festival * Parent Meetings special occasions

* Winter Program * End of School Event

14. Professional dress and speech

15. Accept responsibility as Casa Dei Bambini Montessori’s ambassador in the community and at large promoting the school, curriculum, staff, and students in a positive manner.

16. Complete by the end of May the required number of continuing education classes as set forth by the licensing standards and provide the Administrator with a copy of the hours completed. The classes need to be approved by the owners. Failure to complete the necessary licensing education hours by the end of May will be grounds for terminating a position of employment for the upcoming school year.

17. Submit supply last to the Administrator and/or get prior approval of material purchases in order to best utilize available resources. Purchases which are made without prior authority may not be approved by the Administrator.

Under no circumstances is this job description intended to limit the assistant/intern and her duties strictly to those described. The assistant/intern will assist in all other areas as her judgment suggests or as directed by her/his supervisor.

Please view our website at or call 630-907-7554 for more information. Resumes can be uploaded on our website for review by the Director