Exciting News: 2021 Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching

Tuesday, February 23, 2021 11:34 AM | Anonymous

MSE’s Stephanie Toon has just been selected as a finalist for the 2021 Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching.  This is a great and well deserved honor for Stephanie for her years of dedicated and skilled service to MSE’s students, families and school community.  From her recognition letter:  ‘Your passion for giving students the tools required to cultivate their knowledge was evident in your essay responses and was confirmed by your letters of support.’   Stephanie teaches 6-9, is the 6-9 Level Head, the Director of the Montessori Residency of Chicago, and continues to be critical to the accreditation of our adult training program.  

Not only is this a high honor for Stephanie, but it reflects the level of expertise, mission driven commitment to the children, hard work, and vision of the entire faculty and staff of The Montessori School of Englewood and the Montessori Residency of Chicago.   

As a side note, Stephanie is one of two Montessorians selected as a Finalist, out 700 nominees in the entire state, for the Golden Apple Award.  The other is Ali Bizon, a recent graduate of our Montessori Residency of Chicago program.


Thomas Hale
President, Board of Directors
The Montessori Network
The Montessori School of Englewood