Dear AIMS Community,

We are proud to represent 113 Member Schools and over 250 Illinois Montessori programs. We are proud that AIMS Montessori schools are public schools, magnet programs, charters, private non-profit and for-profit, and home child care centers of all sizes and spread throughout the state.

In order for our rich Illinois Montessori community to continue to flourish, AIMS supports SB2689 & HB4572, which, if passed, will:

Allow for ISBE to create a pathway to an Illinois Professional Educator License with a Montessori endorsement.

Professionalize Montessori teacher preparation in the state of IL and:

Will raise the profile of Montessori credentials in terms of how ExceleRate recognizes our well-prepared Montessori teachers.

Will support our DCFS requests around credentials; solidifying Montessori as a state recognized credential minimizes other issues from arising.

Furthers our mission, vision & values for Montessori education to be more equitable and accessible to more children and families!

We ALL benefit, both public and private schools, but especially children!! We appreciate your allyship and support in these critical efforts and welcome your questions.

Lastly, please save the date for our final Members Meeting of the 23-24 School Year, scheduled for Thursday, April 25, 2024 from 1 - 3pm. We are hoping to bring our Members' Meetings back in person and will be sending an email (and Response Form) out soon, to better assess the possibility among our Member community.

In Peace & Partnership,

Denise Monnier, AIMS Executive Director

Reena V. Morgan, AIMS Board President